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Family Owned for Four Generations Back

In 1896, as Mr. H.G. Hill, Sr. began to experience success in his grocery operations, he decided that, as his financial situation would allow, he would purchase the properties upon which his stores stood. Due to Mr. Hill's tireless efforts, the grocery business prospered, and his real estate holdings increased. While he was on the Board of Directors of the old Nashville Bank & Trust Company, he had the opportunity to inspect, and in many cases purchase properties which were in foreclosure or distress. Mr. Hill was not only interested in additional locations for H.G. Hill Food Stores then, but also in locations for future stores, as well as in investment property for his family's future security.

In 1926, Mr. H.G. Hill, Sr. incorporated the H.G. Hill Realty Company. After the Realty Company's organization, Mr. Hill placed most of the property he had acquired over the years into the Realty Company.

When Mr. H.G. Hill, Jr. took the helm of the Hill Companies in 1942, he continued the tradition of acquiring and developing property during his 51 years as President. It was during Mr. Hill, Jr.'s tenure that the idea of neighborhood shopping centers became popular, and the H.G. Hill Realty Company began to develop a number of strip centers in the Nashville suburbs, each of which was anchored by an H.G. Hill Food Store.

Since 1993 the H.G. Hill Realty Company has seen many changes take place, including the sale of the store operations to independent owner/operators. Our employees manage a large privately held real estate portfolio with over 2 million square feet.

The H.G Hill Company is established as being a corporate citizen known for philanthropy ranging from gifting land and monetary support to active involvement in various charities. The company's current management team has brought the company into a new era with the development of a lifestyle center in Green Hills that has won several awards. The Hill Center Green Hills has been honored to join more than 150 other projects from 34 states, as well as Canada, Iceland and Spain, as part of an international pilot project program to evaluate the new SITES rating system for sustainable landscapes.


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